ADR Help

ADR Help connects people with the right Alternative Dispute Resolution service or Ombudsman scheme. If you have a complaint but do not want to go though the court system get in touch with us and we can refer you to the right serviceĀ  or scheme. We can even help you make a claim as your representatives.

claim compensation

Claim compensation now before Easter. We provide assistance to individuals and businesses in relation to out of court consumer disputes and settlements.

We are different to Claims Management Companies because we do not deal with court or tribunal matters, only ADR Services and Ombudsman Schemes.

If it sounds like you need our help please contact us.

We can also help with a range of matters including:

will writing;

banking fraud and other financial complaints; and

retail and customer service complaints

Additionally, we offer consultation on complaint handling processes for service providers.

fighting your corner

For too long customer service and travel providers have gone unregulated without accountability. The law has now changed and all customer service providers are required to allow customers to complain to an independent review body. Although this process is informal and cheaper than going to court, complaints can be complex and stressful to manage.

So this is where we come in. We can provide advice and support on navigating the claims or complaints process at any stage, or even manage the claim or complaint for you.