Brexit from bad to worse

David Cameron caused catastrophe when he lost the Brexit referendum then resigned. Cleverely enough though he had a plan – resign and let someone desperate for power to take over the sinking ship that is Brexit. 

So who took over – Thressa May, a decent Home Secretary despite the London Riots. However, she lacks all the fundamental characteristics of a leader able to manage change. All we hear are sounds bites that everything is under control – like the Irish border situation. 

Nothing is close to settlement and May is still working on a deal with less than 50 days to go to one of the biggest socio-political changes that this generation has seen. At this point you might as well reconstruct the Berlin Wall around London. 

London will survive he majority of this mess, as it is the United Kingdom’s biggest hub in terms of e-commerce. The EU will still want to trade with London and so will the rest of the globe. However, there is still the issue of travelling on  a British passport. I don’t predict major changes however, a little more paperwork may be involved after leaving the EU.

Some may ask can have another referendum but this is pointless. The minority of the majority spoke up and some how out numbered the voice of Scotland and London combined. This shows that our electoral system needs fixing either way. So let’s go full steam ahead and change everything and total overhaul of the UK political landscape. 

I think its’ time to sort out my Carricom passport if that is still a possibility as some that hails from both Jamaica and Barbados. 

This was my first blog, so I kept it short and sweet. If you have suggestions on what I can blog about please send suggestions.